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The trouble with Ubuntu Server for beginners – ofcourse, it’s me :)

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When I am back to Linux, I have got some troubles to work with the command line in my terminal. So I list them here and keep my mind off them. And any commands which in terminal you don’t know how to use, you can use man + [name of command]

1. Mount USB.

First, I use fdisk command to list the partitions on my computer.

fdisk -l <enter>

Second, use mount with no arguments to mount a filesystem.

mount      /dev/sdc1      /media/usb

sdc1: is my usb device
usb: is my folder is mounted to usb device.

2. Connect Facebook. {:o)P

Run this command in the terminal:

gksu     gedit    /etc/hosts

Then, paste the following lines into this:

Enjoyed! 🙂

[To be continued]

Written by Xavier

Tháng Ba 5, 2011 lúc 7:05 chiều

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