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Why Mark Zuckerberg will be the next face of Microsoft

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by Xavier Nguyen on Friday, June 25, 2010 at 2:14am
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The following is pure conjecture, and is backed up by zero journalistic evidence.

Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft. We love to hate you so. You’ve done some things right, especially in the business world. But online and with the consumers who will drive your company into the future at the top? Not so much.

Bill Gates was your golden child. He’s on his way out. No matter what went wrong in Microsoft land, a few light hearted words from Gatesy is all we needed to keep going. He had a knack of saying “Hey, give us some time…we’re working hard”. And you believed it. Recently, he conceded that Vista was not their best work ever. And we believed it because we knew it. He told us what we wanted to hear, but not in a way that we questioned his sincerity.

Steve Ballmer on the other hand is abrasive. Disruptive. Arrogant. That’s his thing. That will not carry Microsoft to the next level of the internet or business in the long term. And Microsoft knows this. They want Yahoo or at least want to kill Yahoo, and they’re doing a damn good job of it.

So what’s next? Who will be the Gates?

Mark Zuckerberg.

Microsoft invests in Facebook as we all know, and would LOVE to own them. But it’s a package deal in Microsoft’s mind. Not only do they want Facebook, but I think they may have bigger plans for Zuck. He’s Gatesish. The whole story, the schooling, the pedigree, the hard work…and EVENTUALLY, the ability to tell us what we want to hear and chill us out.

Here’s why I think this.

Microsoft vs. Apple is about to come to a real battering point. Why? Because Jobs is losing it. He’s older, he has health problems, and Apple is just running out of ways to wow us. Microsoft needs to flip the script and have their own Gates + Jobs. That is how they will win. More than likely, when Jobs is out at Apple, he’ll be replaced with a suit, because investors will want the company to be stable while they plan.

Mark Zuckerberg is the answer.

Young, smart, accomplished. His role at Facebook will become less and less as he surrounds himself with smarter and smarter people. That is the sign of someone who can lead a company into the future.

Keep a geek eye out. This was all opinion, and sometimes I talk out of my ass, but hey ya never know.

* Trích từ drew olanoff dot com.

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Written by Xavier

Tháng Một 24, 2011 lúc 6:16 chiều

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